I Finally Started a YOUTUBE! + A $500 GIVEAWAY


Guys I am sooooo excited to tell you I am finally starting a (you can subscribe )! Well I have had one before but I never really posted on it so I am officially starting it now! So many of you have asked for one and I can’t wait to connect with you all in a whole new way! I will be posting styling tips, stuff I find shopping, hair/make up tutorials, family videos and more! If there is something you really want to see please leave a comment below and let me know!

You can see my first video . I am sharing some of my favorite finds under a $100 (Below are links to each of the items too :).




2.  (UNDER $30 | SIMILAR )

3.  (UNDER $40 – SIZE SMALL)


5.  (UNDER $20) – WORN IN

6.  (UNDER $25)


8.  (UNDER $15)

In honor of the big launch I am doing a $500 giveaway ($200 gift card to ILY COUTURE and $300 gift card to Nordstrom). To enter follow the entries below ( They are super easy – basically just subscribe to my Youtube channel () and/or follow on social media for extra entries. Giveaway ends next Friday. Thanks so much for following along!  Love you guys!


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  1. Lauren

    Girl – I loved your video! It’s great to see less expensive finds. Thank you for sharing!! xo


  2. Hannah

    Love your blog and so excited for the YouTube channel! I love your mix of inexpensive items and those classics that will last forever!

  3. sasa

    omg, I’m so excited for your channel! Subscribed! Love love love! XO

  4. Great video! I really loved all of your picks especially the olive sweater, scarves and those socks! I need those socks! 😉

  5. lau

    wow that outit is fantastic
    i love those colors


  6. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

    How fun! I love this video! Great F21 finds!

    Her Heartland Soul

  7. Bri

    Love it all! I can’t wait to see more videos!

  8. Kailey

    I love that you now have a Youtube channel, I liked everything for the give away! So exciting! Now i’m going to spend my paycheck at Forever 21 haha

  9. Cortney L

    Congratulations on your YT channel!

  10. Dominique

    This is so awesome thank you for doing the budget friendly picks! I love that you have a youtube now, it’s nice to have a sound to the face, lol.

  11. Mychele Ohre

    I am so excited that you are incorporating more inexpensive finds. I love mixing the 2 things myself. Thank you for your inspirational fashion style.

  12. Mallory Sauer

    Great finds! Love your blog and your style! I subscribed to your channel and follow you on social media as @mallorysauer 🙂

  13. Mallory Sauer

    Love your blog and your style! Great finds! I subscribed to your channel and follow you on social media as @mallorysauer 🙂

  14. Rae

    Such a cute video! I’m definitely going to follow your YouTube 🙂


  15. Kelly Pearson

    Love this segment! Can’t wait for suture ones 🙂

  16. Annie

    Umm absolutely loved this!!!! Looking forward to more videos and cute, affordable finds!!!!

    1. Kim

      You’re so cute! Exited that you’re doing a YouTube channel! Will deffinetly be subscribing!

    2. Kim

      You’re so cute! Exited that you’re doing a YouTube channel! Will deffinetly be subscribing! -Kim

  17. Ariel Johnson

    Thanks for sharing! I LOVE everything you purchase. Look forward to seeing more 🙂

  18. Emily

    Love the video! Forever21 has such cute things for this winter/fall collection & season. Excited to shop!

  19. Caitlyn S.

    oh my god! first of all, congrats for starting your youtube channel! I am following! I have my own channel but it’s seriously awful and I stopped doing reviews. *that’s how bad it was lol. I only had an ipad so it was hard to film myself opening boxes to do reviews on items. And oh my god- what a crazy generous giveaway! I have never won anything like this or this big and would pretty much die. I don’t even have a Nordstrom closer than an hour to my house, so my online wishlist is pretty big. I also just got laid off so between getting the kids ready for Christmas and just saving money, I cant’ be treating myself these days. Thank you so much for the chance! I followed as Caitlyn S.

  20. Lisa

    Yay! Can I suggest some videos I would love to see?

    – outfit of the days/weeks/lookbooks
    – beauty hauls
    – home decor


  21. Miriana's World

    Love green sweaters for fall !
    And welcome on Youtube!

  22. Ľubka

    im so excited ! x yaas 🙂

  23. Mary María

    Lovely outfit!! Cross my fingers!

  24. Benedetta

    Wooow you had such a great idea..love this video!!!!

  25. tara williams

    Congrats on the youtube channel! That is really exciting! I look forward to seeing what you post!

    xo, tara

  26. Jess

    Love this! I’m so excited for your channel! Thank you so much for still always sharing some lower priced pieces. You are so great at mixing high and low priced pieces together to create a look that’s both trendy and chic

  27. Can-Tu

    I love the olive sweater and knit scarf. Heading to forever21. Congrats on the YouTube channel, can’t wait to see more videos.

  28. Montanna Washburn

    Love your blog and now YouTube!! You have such great style!!

  29. Hai Nguyenn

    I’m glad to hear this good news. Congratulations on your new channel. I will subcribe it ASAP. Thanks for sharing with us such useful fashion knownledge.

    Kisses from Hai,

  30. Roxy

    Love your blog!! I follow you on IG (and now on Facebook) and I LOVE your style and personality! Thanks for the tips!! ????????

  31. Courtney

    Love you & your bestie Jen style! So fashionable yet comfortable! So happy you are finally doing a YouTube channel!!

  32. Sofia

    I started following you on Insta a few months ago. You’re fashion sense is amazing and effortless! Thanks for the F21 finds.. it should make shopping there a little less overwhelming!

  33. Shae

    So cute! Excited to see more videos!

    Shae @

  34. Christianne

    Great video! <3
    Xo, Christianne

  35. Sara Kate

    So exciting!! Can’t wait to follow along!


  36. Janelle

    Love your new YouTube launch! You asked for comments of other stores you’d like to see reviewed and my vote would be for Aritzia, J. Crew, and Zara.

  37. Sandra Thoune

    Love your new station. Congrats!

  38. Laura

    Congrats on starting a Youtube channel! I loved your first video and can’t wait to see what you share next!



  39. Laura

    Congrats on starting a Youtube channel! I loved your first video and can’t wait to see what you share next!


  40. Vaibhav Dwivedi

    Hi there,
    I really loved this blog post of yours. I actually love how you represent things. keep it up.

    Talking abour your site, I am owner of and i think I might want you to do guest blogging too.


  41. Cynthia G

    excited to see winner xoxoxo

  42. Brandi

    I love that you are starting this. I think good finds can also become instant favorites. One of my favorite finds was a military green skinny from j crew for $6! Could you please do a video on good denim jean finds?

  43. Haley

    How will the winner be announced?

    1. HI Haley, They were already contacted via email 🙂 Thanks so much for entering and following along!