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Lovers of 1950’s style will already know this little style secret, but we know that vintage vixens everywhere will simply adore the flirty, full-skirted effect of the perfect petticoat. Put on your favourite dancing shoes and give us a twirl, petticoat girl!

A style favourite among fans of 1950’s fashion, the petticoat has long been a staple of swing dancers and vintage lovers all over the world. What better way to really show off your gorgeous vintage dress or skirt than by boosting its natural flounce and fancy?

Does My Dress Need a Petticoat?

Let’s take a quick look at the dress in question. If it’s a fitted dress - the answer is absolutely not - this kind of dress is meant to show off your fabulous natural figure and nothing more. Maxi dresses are also a no-go petticoat area, let this elegant design flow to the floor itself. But wait, that A-Line flared dress you’ve got looks like the perfect dress for a petticoat! Just make sure that your dress is long enough; traditionally, a petticoat shouldn’t peek out from the bottom of your dress, but we admit that a teeny flash of petticoat can be super cute. Accentuate the flip and swish of your vintage dress by adding a short petticoat as an underskirt garment.

How to Wear a Petticoat

Petticoats are designed to give a little more body and movement to your dress, accentuating a-line designs to the max and adding even more of a sexy wiggle to your walk. Make sure that your petticoat sits on your natural waist comfortably, you don’t want to be hiking it up all day. Browse our collection of flared dresses, the perfect petticoat partners!

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