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Discover the cutesy world of Frilly Pops at radiotochka.info! Frilly Pops are all about original pom pom jewellery designed and handmade by creator Stephanie Dulieu that can step up your kawaii and retro fashion game in no time.

Here at radiotochka.info, we love discovering unique brands that really push the creative boundaries of vintage and retro fashion, and kawaii brand Frilly Pops are one of our favourite retro jewellery specialists! Awarded the Best Pop Culture Collection 2017 at London Edge, Frilly Pops’ handmade pom pom designs are set to take the world of repro vintage fashion by storm.

Frilly Pops Earrings

In our collection of Frilly Pops jewellery, you’ll find Frilly Pops earrings inspired by retro motifs such as delicious tropical fruits and flirty sweethearts. Inspired by kawaii culture, Frilly Pops are all about creating retro jewellery with a super cute twist, meaning each pair of Frilly Pops earrings at radiotochka.info both look and feel adorable!

Frilly Pops Pom Pom Earrings

The gorgeous kawaii inspired pom pom cuteness of Frilly Pops pom pom earrings fit right in with our selections of retro jewellery and vintage earrings at radiotochka.info. Discover even more vintage & retro jewellery options including vintage brooches & pins, vintage bracelets, vintage necklaces and more!